Buying Your Wedding Bands

Buying Your Wedding Bands

Buying Your Wedding Bands: Everything You Need to Know

Choosing a wedding band is an important matter. After all, this piece of jewellery symbolizes one of the most important commitments you will ever make in life—the commitment to love and cherish your significant other until death do you part.

Did you know that wedding bands have a long history that dates thousands of years back to Ancient Egypt, when people wore wedding rings to signify the bond between married couples? The round and endless form of a wedding ring—which has no definitive beginning or end— represents the eternal love that marrying couples have for each other.

The essence of “The One” ring

The very first rings from the ancient days were forged out of iron.

Moving forward to the medieval times, wedding bands began to transform in style and look with the use of more precious metals and settings as well as the addition of decorative elements. It was during the medieval age that wedding rings with gold settings and gemstone appliqués became popular, making the standard for wedding ring style and design.

These days, you will find an infinite assortment of wedding bands and ring styles made out of a wide range of materials and adorned by all kinds of precious elements to match individual style preferences.

Modern wedding bands now come in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold settings, along with platinum settings or a combination of different materials that help create a unique style and look for a wedding band.

So, where and how do you buy the perfect wedding ring?

At Pawan Jewellers, you will have no shortage of amazing wedding band styles and options, ranging from traditional designs to more contemporary styles to fit your needs.

We have also compiled some practical tips to help you find the right wedding ring to cherish and adore for a lifetime.

Where should you buy your wedding band?

Buy from Pawan Jewellers

Just like buying any type of jewellery, you want to make a purchase only from reputable jewellery vendors like Pawan Jewellers. You can’t go wrong with a shop that offers an extensive range of wedding band options and an even more extensive experience and service history in the jewellery industry since 1967.

It can be difficult to discern which jewellers you can trust in a market that’s quite saturated by suppliers and vendors who sell their products online. This said, there are things that you can watch out for to help you properly discern the quality of service and the calibre of products you can expect from the store of your choice.

Choose a shop that has been in the industry for years—even decades. This is a sign of trustworthiness and reliability.

You also want to make sure that they have affiliations with other reputable associations such as The National Association of Goldsmiths, which helps keep their prices competitive and the quality of their goods at par with industry leaders.

When searching online, a well-maintained website with high-resolution photos of their offerings—along with detailed descriptions of their products—are all good signs of a reputable supplier.

Choosing a wedding band for her

Choosing a wedding band for her

Wedding bands differ in terms of material, design, and overall style. They also differ in ring settings from prong to pave, and bezel.

Eternity bands are likely increasing in popularity as wedding bands, especially for women who want to keep the attention and spotlight on their engagement ring. When buying wedding bands for her, it’s important to consider the style and material of the engagement ring so that your wedding ring will match it as closely as possible.

The amount of decoration and specialty details like stone settings on your wedding band is entirely your choice. Some people prefer extra sparkle on their wedding bands, while others may choose a more straightforward design that’s practical to wear on a daily basis.

Choosing a wedding band for him

Choosing a wedding band for him

Male wedding bands tend to be an easier choice as most men have a simpler taste in jewellery. This said, there is no shortage of male wedding bands that include interesting intricacies and beautiful detailing, including diamond embellishments and other adornments like precious stones and ornate detailing.

All in all, the secret to finding the perfect wedding band is to choose styles that match your own personality and at the same time fits your lifestyle.

Because you are expected to wear your wedding ring on a daily basis, you want to take into account how you use your hands every day, be it for work, recreation, or any other activity you typically engage in. This way, you can make sure that your wedding ring design will stay intact even when subjected to the rigours of your daily lifestyle activities.

Since you’ll be wearing your wedding band for life, it is crucial to choose the highest quality materials that will last for years to come. Make sure to take into account important aspects like the metal used, the setting style, and the authenticity and quality of the gemstones used in your wedding band.